Entrepreneur’s Corner | Houston….We Have A Problem!

Houston, We Have A Problem…”

Well, not literally.  But it is a catchy headline that virtually everyone recognizes.

by Michael Haase / ElloAgency Flathead Valley

Taking this “theme” into the business world I wanted to point out that I continually address the same challenges with almost every business owner I consult with.  Yesterday I met with four different owners / or managers from four completely different industries, all to discuss Internet Marketing and their company’s future participation in this emerging segmented marketing industry.  The result?  The same issues and questions for each of them.

How do I get started?  What do I need to do?  I have a Facebook page, isn’t that all I need? How will I make this successful for my business (i.e., what is my ROI and how do I “bring in more clients”).

Same questions and I provided the same answers!

Business owners and managers need more than a Facebook Page and a Twitter account.  In fact, there are five distinct and separate campaigns using multiple websites (social sites, enticement sites, content sites, directory sites, and referral sites) which are required; using a uniformly branded add campaign that delivers the same short and direct message to be successful at capturing new business from an Internet marketing campaign.

But having a multiple campaign network populated and up and running will not bring in many new clients if “Connection & Follow Up” procedures are not used to establish relationships.  Think about it, as small business owners we typically develop good relationships with our clients, and often the number of clients for many small business owners totals fewer than 25.  That is not a lot but usually enough to operate profitably for many companies. Having the ability to generate even just a few new clients that bring in substantial business is certainly worth the effort.

If managed properly, clients tend to lead to more clients as referrals are made.  It is important to develop and establish these relationships and the Internet allows introductions to new people, new markets and new opportunities in just minutes.  For larger companies that rely on multiple clients, such as retailers and golf courses, the network provides excellent methods of promoting their brands to a wider audience and “enticing” consumers into their locations for special promotions and savings, as well as introducing new products and inventory.

I know I have said it before in past blogs, but it is worth saying again;

“More roads leading out into the vast world of the Internet means more opportunities to establish new relationships with potential clients.”

Online Consumer Development is ever changing, with new sites that offer new services coming online almost daily!  And, it requires a commitment, particularly with your time.  But, as business owners it is important to be a part of this new method of developing relationships and capturing new business.

We all recognize that this is no passing fad and that it is not a simply task. It’s time to find out what an elloAgency consultant can do for your bottom line.


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