Business Development | Successful Website Managers Keep It Simple

by elloAgency Flathead Valley
Nowadays, time is a precious commodity for website visitors. When they are looking for a product or service; they want to find the answer in a quick and timely fashion. Website managers and bloggers who have figured this out are reaping the rewards.

Too much information at once, multiple topics, and long winded content pages are a huge mistake. Just monitor your own reading habits and you will get the message and that message is keep it simple.

Here are a few pointers recommended for you to help your website visitors find what they are looking for quickly:

Discuss one topic, product, service or solution at a time.
Get to the point. Proof your content to eliminate unnecessary words and repeated remarks.
Use short paragraphs to convey your message.
Create bullet or numbered lists to promote your product or service.
Use BOLD text to promote key words, points, or ideas.
In addition to maintaining to-the-point content, the overall look and feel of your webpage can also be an attraction or a deterrent. There are hundreds of cool gadgets, flash, sound, and animated tools to create an active website. However, too much will turn website visitors off.

The easier it is to find the message or link on your site, the longer visitors will stay on your site. Clean simple websites generate repeat visitors as well. Just look at any Google page, for example, simple and to the point without lengthy content pages and all the flashing fancy gadgetry.

To learn more about how to post content that will win your website visitors over, contact:

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