Business Development | Online Security – How To Develop Easy-To-Remember Secure Password Systems

By elloAgency Flathead valley

As Internet technology evolves for the public users, so it goes for the bad guys (website hackers) as well. Hacking technology has improved to the point that we hear about online accounts, from a simple Facebook page to a sophisticated site such as, being hacked into on a daily basis.

When you select a password for a website you use, keeping it simple is not the answer. The hackers have access tools that will quickly figure out simple passwords. Using just number, just letters, only lower case, birthdates, common names, and addresses are a huge mistake.

In fact today, most websites requiring user log-in are beginning to not only tell you if your password is strong or weak, many are beginning to require complicated combinations using numbers, upper and lower case letters and even characters to create a powerful password to protect your personal information.

So, does this mean that you will have to keep a cheat sheet to remember all the complicated passwords you have created? Not necessarily, if you use a couple of simple techniques, it is possible to have different passwords on a hundred websites and be able to remember them all without writing them down.

There is a way to create a memorable a password system. For example, you can use the first four letters of the website URL with the last letter capitalized, then an Asterisk, then four numbers that only make sense to you.

  • twiT*7475 = and my two children’s birth years.
  • facE*7475 =, same as above.

Using a system such as this allows you to created strong complicated password protected websites and would be easy enough for you to remember without making a list. The key is for each password to be different, but easy for you to remember without written documentation.

Many people use the services of their Internet browser to keep track of their log in information which in not a bad idea, but if for any reason that information goes away, it will be a hassle to reset all the access information again.

It is also recommended to change your password system every three to six months just to increase the protection of your personal information. Also, sites such as your banking and/or PayPal sites should have a different password system so that, if by chance, someone does access your Facebook account is does not give them access to your financial accounts, as well.


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