Relationship Marketing | Where To Start? What To Use? Who To Hire?

by Michael Haase/elloAgency Flathead Valley
Posted on 02/26/2012

Are you confused by all the choices you have to market your business online? Are you being bombarded by phone calls, emails, and visitors asking you to purchase their Internet marketing products?

Sorry, but I already know the answer is YES !!!

According To Randy Schrum of CEO of My Corporate Media:
“The Fact is that 99.9% of the webinars people attend to
grow their business or career flat out stink and that is
BAD! Even worse most of the so called experts in marketing have
never closed a sale, generated an opportunity, or even
been in the business world producing real results.”

Although I personally feel that these comments are a bit harsh, for the most part they are true. Most of the people and the products they promote will not help you get new business from the Internet.

The fact is, there is only one way to get business from the Web and that is using a comprehensive online consumer management system proactively managed to generate connections, harvest leads, develop prospects, and finally; capture new business.

Contact your elloAgency Consultant for details on how to improve your Internet presence without spending one dime on Web advertising products and services.


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