Create A Powerful Online Presence With Zero Money!

By Michael J Haase/elloAgency Flathead Valley February 28, 2012

NOTE: It does not require one dime to construct a powerful online marketing system, so do not spend any money while you are developing your program. Once your program is operational and producing the connections you need, then you can consider additional advertising services to boost what you have built. 

At the elloAgency Flathead Valley we refer to this marketing system as MyCMS, or Custom Consumer Management System. If you have any questions while you are designing and creating your system, feel free to contact us for assistance.

Define: Powerful Online Presence

  • A working system, process, or program actively harvesting leads, developing prospects, and capturing new business no matter what the demand.

Define: System, Process, or Program

  • A multi-faceted online lead producing machine built using the relationship building tools   available on the Web.

Define: Relationship Building Tools

  • There are five different types of relationship building tools used to develop marketing on the Internet. These campaigns are, in order of importance: Social Media, B2B Networking, Enticement Marketing, Business Directories, and Product & Service Reviews.

Define: Zero Money

  • You can create, monitor, and maintain your own marketing campaign to produce the connections you need. Just locate the 20 to 30 sites you want to use, upload your business information and profiles, and then design the process or program you are going to use to proactively harvest the leads, develop prospects, and capture new business.

Define: The Connections You Need

  • Always remember this: It is not content or money that generates the results you want, it is connections and follow up that will produce the new business capturing results you are after.

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