Viral Marketing. What are the keys to success for your company or project?



What are the keys to a successful viral campaign on the internet?

With millions of videos and messages (tweets on Twitter, posts on Facebook, pins on Pinterest and blogs on various blog sites) being shared each day on the internet, how do you compete.  

This is a great question, especially for the smaller business owner who is trying to compete with larger corporations that have greater resources, namely advertising dollars and manpower.

Specializing in the small business owner market is what I do and here are some tips that can help create a more successful campaign:

1.  Use More Video and Pictures with your message.  If you have noticed lately there have been some significant changes to Facebook, namely their move to Timeline, which now uses more imagery and a wider screen option for both personal accounts and Pages.  Pinterest, a newer social media site, is based on the concept of sharing branding images across all categories, where people can share images of their favorite foods, places to visit, products, etc. (All branding opportunities).  It is common knowledge that messages are more effective when presented through images and sound.

2.  Make sure the videos and images are high quality.  Nothing will lose the attention of your viewing audience faster than poor quality with your video, images and sound.  You do not want to lose a prospective customer because of poor quality.

3.  Your message must be compelling.  Simply marketing “happy hour” specials or “big discounts” this weekend, probably are not compelling enough to make a difference and you will most likely waste the marketing effort.  You must have a significant “call to action” or a “debatable” or “controversial” issue that helps spread the word, otherwise your message will lose traction.  Simply look at the KONY video that has swept the world recently.  Talk about controversy, and that message has spread to millions.

4.  Follow Up.  Easier said than done for small business owners, but this may be one of the first places you want to review with your staff.  Are they responding back to Facebook posts, Linkedin connections, comments or suggestions from clients and potential customers?

Following these suggestions should help improve your content marketing campaigns and hopefully with some hard work, and a little luck your message will reach a wider market.

Michael J. Haase, elloAgency Flathead Valley



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