Quick Link-Building Tips for Small Businesses

By: Brent Barnhart in SEO


Building links is generally considered to be one of the more difficult aspects of Internet Marketing and rightfully so. While you can go to great lengths to write great copy and have an impeccable website and design, link-building simply doesn’t happen overnight. And unlike your copy and design, it’s something that’s generally not under your control. At the end of the day, you simply don’t have free reign over who links to you and who doesn’t. There are steps you can take, however, to encourage more links to your site to help your search engine rankings. Google sees great credibility in sites that have plenty of others linking to it, which is why link-building remains such a crucial practice.

Perhaps one of the easiest and most obvious ways to build links to your site with little work involved to make sure that your business has presence across a variety of directory and Social Media sites. There are a number of directories dedicated to helping business grow their online presence where you may create a profile and also link to your site.

The importance of Social Media links, specifically links through Twitter, has become more and more apparent over the past few months. By building out a variety of social profiles and sharing links through them, you can generate links to your site meanwhile sharing your content. Such a strategy presents a win-win situation. Best of all, most of these sites are free or offer free profiles, representing one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to build links. The only real cost involved is your time, and such link-building is definitely worth it in the long-run.

A more involved approach to link building requires you to make connections and reach out to other like-minded bloggers and businesses looking to gain exposure. Don’t think that you’re alone when it comes to link building; there are many others in your space that want to grow their online presence as well. Guest posts on blogs are a great way to accomplish this, as it provides you a great opportunity to not only create links to your site, but also get your business and content in front of new audiences.

Writing a guest-post in exchange for a link is fairly common practice, so don’t feel too forward by asking for one. Likewise, performing or conducting interviews on other sites in exchange for a link is also commonly done. Be courteous, however, to those who you are networking with and recognize that not everyone is the same when it comes to guest posts and linking. These relationships can be powerful when it comes to link-building and growing your business in general.

An indirect strategy to getting links comes in the form of creating content that others are encouraged to link to, sometimes known as “linkbait.” Think about viral videos or controversial blog posts that get millions of visits and spread like wildfire. Such content inevitably receives massive amounts of links that only further propel its popularity. This doesn’t mean you should necessarily write something controversial for the sake of it, but perhaps consider the titles of your articles, for example. An article titled “Staring a Business” is much less likely to be shared than one titled “How I Started a Business for $50 and Became a Millionaire.” This advice is simply food for thought when it comes to others sharing and linking to your site’s content.

Link-building is one of the most important aspect of SEO today. By learning search engine optimization and building links to your site, you’ll be well on your way to a better Google ranking.

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