Is Pinterest Becoming the Best Source of Traffic Online?

By Greg Robleto

Pinterest sends more referral traffic than Twitter, according to data aggregated by Shareaholic from across 200,000 websites. Greg does love his pinning, but in today’s video he’s not ready to crown Pinterest the best source for online traffic just yet. Just a quick glance at the following table shows there are a lot bigger traffic sources than Twitter.

All Traffic Sources Report
Source Share of Visits April 2012 Share of Visits May 2012 Share of Visits June 2012
Google (Organic) 48.88% 47.68% 46.80%
Direct 18.44% 18.63% 19.57%
Facebook 6.10% 6.32% 5.65%
Yahoo! 1.67% 1.69% 1.63%
Bing 1.29% 1.27% 1.18%
StumbleUpon 1.13% 0.93% 0.96%
Google (Referral) 1.05% 1.05% 1.09%
Twitter 0.85% 0.88% 0.92%
Pinterest 0.74% 0.83% 1.19%

Source: Shareaholic May – June All Traffic Sources Report.

Pinterest has been surging and should be in the traffic conversation, perhaps even considered a threat to some of the smaller players. Only time will tell whether Pinterest will become a major disrupting force in referral traffic.

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