Why Email Marketing Still Matters to Your Small Business

By: Brent Barnhart 


The popularity of personal computer and Internet boomed from the mid to early-1990s. Whether or not you were a small business owner in that era, one of the earliest things you might recall from owning a computer or using your computer is setting up your email account. While the days of AOL may be more or less over, email has become a crucial component of how we communicate and use the Internet in general.

Think about it. You more or less can’t register an account with any worthwhile site without an email address. You can’t order from Amazon without one. You can’t use Facebook or Twitter without one. There are very, very few websites that don’t require your email information. Some people rely on products and services that are available solely online, with such companies only communicating via email. What email can do for us has evolved over time. We’re not just getting messages from our friends. We’re getting special offers, invitations, reminders and much, much more directly into our inbox.

Plus, pretty much everyone has an email address, right? How can you live without one?

Regardless, many marketers and small business owners are abandoning email marketing as a means to reach out to customers. General confusion, disillusionment and shifts towards other means of marketing are causing business owners to try something new.

While the effectiveness of email marketing has varied from year to year, it may be unwise to discredit it entirely. Attempting to replace email marketing with Social Media marketing, for example, seems like a step in the natural evolution of marketing, right? But consider your potential reach.

There are over 300 million Twitter accounts online today. There are more than 700 million Facebook accounts.

How many email accounts are there out in the vast landscape of the Internet? 2.9 billion.

Now that’s reach. And to put the game even more in the favor of email; you can’t have a Facebook or Twitter account without an email address. Think about that.

Want more numbers? Over 188 billion emails are sent on a daily basis, thirty times as many Facebook updates that occur daily. In 2010, 107 trillion emails were sent out. And that’s up 19% from 2009, meaning that email certainly isn’t losing steam.

If you think that people simply aren’t using email anymore, you may want to think again.

Regardless, a common criticism of email marketing is that roughly half of all emails sent out today are spam. It’s quick to disregard email marketing if you take this figure at face value, but with a bit a creativity you may use it to your advantage. How?

Don’t be spam.

Send marketing language to opt-in lists or people that you know will want to hear from you. Research your markets and know who you’re sending to in order to have a greater chance of success. Don’t fly blind. Give something of value to your emails, put work and thought into crafting and designing them. Create something that is the opposite of spam and your emails will be treated accordingly. Through such an attitude you’ll be able to achieve success through your marketing efforts.

Email isn’t going anywhere. Whether you’re new to email marketing or know the ropes, some training might be right up your alley. Be smart about what your small business is sending out and your email marketing efforts will pay off.

Need help Social Networking: Contact Michael J. Haase at 406-890-0812 or elloFlatheadValley@gmail.com


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