Love Pinterest – 4 Tools to Make It Easier & Faster

By Carla McNeil

Everywhere you turn people are talking about Pinterest.  It’s officially the 3rd largest social networking the world and it refers more than double the traffic of YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined.

The average user now spends more time on Pinterest than Facebook and Twitter combined. However the biggest complaint I hear is that it takes so much time!

Pinterest – 4 Tools to Make It Easier and Faster, check them out.  I personally love each and every one of them.

#1 Pinerlypinerly 300x144 Love Pinterest   4 Tools to Make It Easier & Faster

You will need to request an invitation to Pinerly.  Go to their website at and submit your email address.  You will be sent to a second screen and see this message.

“Pinerly is not open to the public. Share your unique link on Facebook and Twitter to get ahead of your competition! Invite friends, co-workers, family… you get the point. Friends qualify you for an earlier invite and bonus features. Please note, signing up from the same computer multiple times will not count =) “

Once you have your account you will easily be able to:

  • Easily compare click-throughs, likes and re-pins for campaigns
  • Pin incredible suggested content
  • Follow interesting new people
  • View valuable Pinterest tips

#2 Pinterest Bookmarklet

I have another blog post on how to install this. This is one way it can really be faster to pin!

Once installed in your browser, the “Pin It” button lets you grab an image from any website and add it to one of your pinboards. When you pin from a website, we automatically grab the source link so we can credit the original creator.

iphone bookmarks Love Pinterest   4 Tools to Make It Easier & Faster

#3 Pinstamatic

Pinstamatic really allows you to dress up your pins, show a little bit more of who you are by adding more content to each pin.

pinstamatic 300x152 Love Pinterest   4 Tools to Make It Easier & Faster

Get more from Pinterest by adding so much more than photos.

You can now add locations, music, quotes, calendar dates, Twitter profile links, sticky notes and websites.

#4  Pinvolve 

This is an application that allows you to maintain Pinterest and Facebook together. It bridges the gap between the two, making it less work for you. I immediately installed on this one on our Butterfly Networking Facebook Fan Page.

Fullscreen capture 6112012 93847 PM.bmp 300x147 Love Pinterest   4 Tools to Make It Easier & Faster

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