Ways to Drive More Blog Traffic Using LinkedIn: Part I


social media how toWant more people to read your blog?

Are you fully leveraging LinkedIn?

Many business bloggers neglect one of the most powerful social networks for growing visibility and traffic. LinkedIn is THE professional web.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, or a working person who is blogging, you should consider LinkedIn as a valuable place for getting more exposure.


LinkedIn Profile Views Drive Blog Traffic

Your LinkedIn profile can serve as one of the most important referral sources for your blog.

If you consider that significant blog traffic from LinkedIn can come directly from LinkedIn profile views, it makes sense to work to increase your profile views.

Fortunately this is something you can measure.

LinkedIn will display the number of times your profile has been viewed. Keep track of this each week and as you implement the steps below, most likely you will see this number consistently rising.

profile viewsIf you are active and engaged on LinkedIn, members are going to click through to view your profile.

 Add Profile Links

Your LinkedIn profile is where members are going to land to learn more about who you are, what you do and whom you help.

From your profile, the most natural next step that members will take if they are intrigued or interested in what they see is to click through one of the links that you showcase on your profile under Websites.

web linksGet creative with your LinkedIn profile website links.

Showcasing descriptive and interesting links on your LinkedIn profile will encourage visitors to click through!

You can link directly to your blog homepage, or you can link to specific landing pages on your blog where you provide a special offer to potential subscribers.

Regardless, make your link descriptions compelling and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Given that your LinkedIn profile serves as the “gateway” to your primary web presence, it is imperative that you have a powerful LinkedIn profile.

Need help Social Networking: Contact Michael J. Haase at 406-890-0812 or elloFlatheadValley@gmail.com


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