Social Media Marketing – Keep Your Eyes On The Prize


When you initially become immersed in social media marketing it can be a bit overwhelming. Are you wondering where to start? What will be the best for me in my business? What is the difference between LinkedIn and Twitter? Do I really need both?

A great way to answer these questions for yourself is to be sure that you stay focused on your end result. “Keep Your Eyes On The Prize.” This past weekend I had to go up on a very tall ladder, not something I am normally good at. My husband reminded me to keep looking up and I did. As a result once I arrived at the roof I was able to really stop and enjoy the great view. I kept myself focused on the goal! (I have been working on the fear of heights for a while, it’s working!)

With social media marketing it is the same! You must stay focused on what you want. Why are you using social marketing? What is your goal? Don’t get caught in all the action that does not produce results. If you don’t learn the lesson the first time the lesson will keep getting harder and harder; until it feels like you are being hit up side the head with a two by four.

Three behaviors you can adopt right now…

1) Get a timer, does not matter what kind so long as you know how to operate it. When you go to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of the other programs set the timer and stick to it.

2) Do one thing at a time, don’t multi task. Focus on one program at a time and when you are finished with one shut it off and move on to the next one. Remember to use the timer each time. When you focus on one task at a time you will be surprised at results.

3) Say thanks and let it go, I learned years ago from one of the experiential camps delivered by Peak Potentials that those distracting thoughts will come up, it happens to all of us. If you find that you get some really good ideas that you would like to do right now then just write it down and continue with what you were originally focused on.

Do yourself a big favor, get comfortable being uncomfortable, because growth happens outside your comfort zone. When you continuously challenge yourself to get outside your comfort zone you will find that your business will really grow. One day you will look back and remember “Ya, I used to be real scared to climb a ladder, not any more!”

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