Get Active and Engaged to Drive LinkedIn Profile Views and Blog Traffic


It doesn’t take much activity to stand out on LinkedIn. All you need to do is spend a little time on the network.

Every action you take on the network will show up as an update on the homepage of your connections. If you’re active, some of your updates may even show in the “Network Update” that LinkedIn sends to members via a weekly email.

Examples of LinkedIn activities that will get visibility:

  • Update your profile
  • Post a status update
  • Participate in a group discussion
  • Comment on someone else’s status update
  • Post to your LinkedIn company page
  • Answer questions in LinkedIn Answers
answering linkedin questionsAnswering LinkedIn questions can position you as an expert and grow your visibility.

Ideally, visiting LinkedIn a few times a week to post interesting and compelling status updates, join in a few group discussions and answer a question or two will keep your profile active. Do not forget to engage with connections as well.

Leaving comments or sharing what your connections have posted can also lead to profile views.

Commenting is a very effective way to start dialogue with first-degree connections and beyond. When you leave a comment on someone else’s update, the conversation will show up with your picture in the homepage of all of your connections. It will also show up on the homepage of that person for their connections to view.

Commenting is a great way to gain exposure to your second- and third-degree connections while engaging in conversation.

See the commenting example below.

commentingComment on the status updates of your network connections to increase profile views and visibility on LinkedIn.

I posted a comment on an update that one of my connections had shared. The screenshot above shows what another one of my connections was able to see with regard to the comment and conversation.

Notice that the person who originally posted this status update (Sarah) gets less visibility than I do as the commenter.

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