Why Blogging Is so Important to Your Business

By Carolyn Cohn

It seems like everyone has a blog nowadays. Millions and millions of people are also connected to the various social media channels. There are those who feel that it has to be one or the other. They are both critical.
It seems like everyone has a blog nowadays. Millions and millions of people are also connected to the various social media channels. There are those who feel that it has to be one or the other. They are both critical.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Blogging and social media can exist in harmony and work very effectively for business together. More and more social networking companies are realizing how important blogging is to business. In fact, it is more important than ever. If a social networking company brings blogging into their business, they can either rebrand themselves as a content-driven company, or add to their existing branding to include the content side. You have heard that content is king a million times and it really is true! Content is definitely an extraordinarily important part of every business.

The giant edge that blogging has over other types of online communication is that the content is always fresh. Nothing is ever allowed to stagnate. Blogging is not only about the written word either. It can encompass videos, photos, etc. It has tremendously wide appeal to numerous people. Another great product of blogging is that people love to share what they read with other people. The more they like it, the more they share it. Another way in which people love to share blog content is on Twitter. It is certainly not a deterrent that Twitter has a 140-maximum character limit. People take short concepts from the blogs that they find interesting and valuable and they retweet those concepts. Twitter is a very potent tool when it comes to content (and blogs specifically).

Blogging has taken on an even stronger momentum

In business today, blogging is more essential to success than it has ever been. Social media has a great deal to do with that. As social networking continues to become even more and more popular, people need to get the content from somewhere and blogs are an excellent resource for that. There is so much content available that there is enough of relevance to satisfy everyone. Another great benefit that blogging brings to businesses is that the content increases (or strengthens) search engine optimization (SEO). The reason that blogging produces such a result is that the search engines don’t differentiate between content that is business oriented and content that is of a personal nature. On the other hand, that is not the case with article directories. Because blog sites are part of social media channels, they can be included in your social media marketing strategy. From a practical perspective, you need your blog to bring in a solid return on investment (ROI). You need it to meet your business’s goals and objectives. Blogging also gives your business positive exposure, increases your visibility, and allows you to build solid relationships with other people.

Blogging on a personal level

When you blog, you are able to do so on a personal level. Your interactions with your online connections are personal. You can use your business blog to keep people informed about your new offerings and what is going on in your business (changes in personnel, new product features, etc). Another sensible use of your blog is to list promotions, which is a type of incentive for your readers. They love being the first to learn new things. The more you give them, the more they will want. Your blog also allows your customers to give you instant feedback about your offerings.


Blogging is critical for your business. The more valuable information you share with others, the stronger your position will be in your online communities. You will constantly be building your reputation, establishing yourself as a subject matter expert, and building solid credibility for you and your business. Blogging and social media are both stronger than ever. Together, they are an immovable force.

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