Social Media Marketing – Do You Have A Recent Blog Post?


What is your most recent blog post?

When your first get started online it’s pretty overwhelming when you consider all things that you need to do and a blog post is definitely something that you’re going to need to do. Once a month will not cut it. If you only post once a month, then you are not building an active following. You will not engage people online.

Stop and think about your own habits when you are online. Is it every day? Or is it once a month? Somewhere in between? You definitely need to build the muscle of writing posts for your blog. One of the great things that you can do is to test your writing muscle. Before you get started online, before your website is live or you decide you’re going to do something different, something new, just start writing your posts. Don’t publish them, just write them. Take 30 minutes 5 days a week, make it a habit.

Leave the blog posts in the back office of your web site ready to go and test yourself for a month. See how many blog posts you write. This is going to build up your blog writing muscle. Once you get started and you develop that habit, it’s a lot easier.

You need to do something every single day. Whether it’s research for a new title, research for the content or perhaps some days you’ll start a new draft. You won’t necessarily finish it but at least you’ll get it started.

The worst part is that blank page staring back at you from your computer screen. If one day you go in and insert five or six titles, maybe a couple of key points for each post the next time you go back there’s the beginning.

Be sure to post to your social media profiles about your up and coming blog posts, build anticipation.

Look for pictures, you can spend hours looking for pictures for your blog posts and you definitely do want to add pictures to all of your blog posts. Don’t be like me; learn the quick way not the hard way. Pictures will engage people more so you need to spend time researching and looking for those pictures. You may decide that you find a bunch of pictures that are relevant to one post, they don’t necessarily have to put them all into the post, you can simply put the link into the post where the picture is and then you can decide later.

Same with video, insert a video into your blog posts it encourages people to stay on your page longer. You want that, that’s a good thing! One of the things that I do when I’m looking for video for my posts is when I like something I’ll take the link from YouTube and I’ll just put the link right into the post, when I’ve have the post totally finished I have sometimes only one, sometimes three or four, different videos to pick from.At that point when I’ve finished the blog post, I can decide which video fits the best.

So how recent is your last blog post? That really is a critical question to ask yourself. If you want to engage people online and build that online community you definitely need to build your blog writing muscle. When you have this muscle built up then just like magic you have tons of content for your social media profiles.

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