7 Reasons Why Every Organization Needs to Jump Into Social Networking Online


  1. There are many different platforms out there today and many ways that you can connect them. Social media provides multiple uses with a single tool. An example would be that you can connect all of you accounts with one tool called ping-dot-fm. This allows you to make one micro blog post and have it go to all of your accounts at once, if you had 100 accounts just think how far the word of your business would spread.
  2. It is one of the most cost effective tools out there because it is usually free. There are programs that cost money that allow you to be more effective and efficient. However I would recommend that you get to know your way around a bit first so that you really know what you want and what will work best for you.
  3. Social media makes it easy to spread your news or message quickly. Check out the Southwest Airline story about the disgruntled customer and how quickly and public ally Southwest address the complaint.
  4. Non-profit organizations can easily keep abreast of what’s happening. Plus keep an eye on the trends & build awareness
  5. On Facebook fan pages are made for business, branding and selling your product or service.
  6. When you put the right story, comment or offer in front of the right people it can very quickly viral! Something we all would love to have.
  7. With social media you have access to general public, no permission required. Twitter is the fastest, it is a MUST!

Marketing tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great place to find new customers, clients and contacts. The added bonus is that you can easily stay on top of customer trends, desires and needs.

Need Help Social Networking and Emailing, Contact Michael J. Haase at 406-890-0812 or elloFlatheadValley@gmail.com

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