Social Media Tip: Email Marketing is Not Dead

By Brent Barnhart
For some reason, many small business owners believe that email marketing is a thing of the past. Make no mistake; email marketing is here to stay, at least for now. As mentioned earlier, the rise of mobile users means more opportunities to get into your customers’ inbox while they’re away from their office or home desktop.

The key to effective email marketing requires targeting your audience, catching their attention and sealing the deal by providing them with what they want. No, you won’t get very far if your business looks like spam. No, you won’t make sales by hitting up a random sales. Just as you’d research any facet of marketing, email marketing requires ample research when it comes to increasing your open and conversion rates. Subject lines, language and format are all incredibly important elements to an effective marketing email.

Email marketing is anything but dead. The reality is that many SMBs are going about it the wrong way. Are you?

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