Social Media Tip: Think ‘Marketing Strategy’

No matter what methods you’re using to generate leads, social media can be an addition to what you’re already doing. Having a marketing strategy is a necessity. And social media is not just about making connections. In a blog post by one of our guest contributors, we talked about how if used correctly, social media can actually help you make sales. 

Make sure you can truly engage with your social media audience.  Tom Searcy on says that “If you are listening to the social Web and hear someone declare a problem that you can solve or a question that you can answer, giving you an opportunity to send a relevant response, then you are truly engaging.”

So, if you still have a pile of business cards in your office, and you know you may be missing an opportunity to connect and engage with those people, get your computer, your beverage of choice and start socializing. It will pay off in the end and you can truly file away all those cards once you’re done.

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