7 Steps to Successful Cold Calling

By Yoon Cannon

Here are bullet tips to my 7 step process that will help you bust through email overload and warm up your cold calls.

Step #1. Begin with some quick research on your target prospect before reaching out. This can be done via LinkedIn, the prospects website, etc.

Step #2. Identify common ground you share with the prospect. For instance, you are both members of the same LinkedIn group or business association.

Step #3. Identify what you think might be the current priority issue of the prospect. This might include job benches filled, reaching more of their target customers, etc.

Step #4. Invite the prospect to connect with you on LinkedIn and explain how you know each other, what you have in common or how you found them.

Once you get into the groove of this new approach it will go faster. You can get steps 1-4 down to 5 minutes per person if you learn how to skim. You don’t need to painstakingly read everything.

Step #5. Once they accept your invitation to connect on LinkedIn, invite them to set up a 10 minute phone appointmentfor you to learn more about how you can be a resource for them. When you call your prospects without an agreed upon appointment, you’re perceived as an interruption. So, stop being an interruption.

Step #6. Focus on collecting detailed information about what their high priority issues are. This is just your first phone appointment for you to begin developing a relationship of trust. You want to listen for ideas on the ways you can help them that they would most appreciate.

Step #7. Go to work on sending them resources to help address your prospect’s priority needs. This may be a relevant blog post a webinar or a local seminar you found that talks about his or her very issues. Or it may be a strategic introduction you could initiate for them. It could be a valuable resource center they may not be aware of. These are received as gestures of thoughtfulness. But through it all, be genuine. People can smell alterior motives.

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