Social Media Tip: Identifying Your Target Audience

Social media stamp Stock Photo - 8885328

Social media is all about connecting with others. First think about your target audience and study/learn about them.

It is important to understand how they contribute in social media and through which mediums. Social media users generally fall into the following categories:

  • Creators: These users are responsible for publishing content such as blogs, websites, video, music etc.

  • Conversationalists:  Update their social networking site by updating their status & posting tweets

  • Critics: Users who actively review and rate products. Make comments on blogs and contribute to content and online forums.

  • Collectors:  Users who vote on websites & add tags to photos.

  • Joiners: These users create social media profiles on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google Plus

  • Spectators: They search the web reading blogs, watching videos on YouTube, reading forum posts and tweets.

  • Inactives:  Does not do any of the above.

Through surveys and other data, learn as much as you can about your target customers’ challenges, needs and wants. By knowing where your audience falls on the spectrum, you’ll have an easier time creating an effective social media strategy.

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