When networking, it’s always best to give more than you receive. You’ll feel better about yourself, see better results and build stronger relationships over time since you aren’t always looking for something immediate in return.

Perform favors in various forms to offer value to your existing network, as well as new connections.

Here are some of examples of the types of favors that help build your network:

  • Introduce members of your network to one another via email or Twitter.
  • Recommend your connections on LinkedIn, don’t just use Endorsements
  • Re-tweet and Tweet the original content of others in your network, mentioning them
  • Feature members of your community as guest bloggers on your blog
  • Send a thank you note in the mail to stand out as truly appreciative
  • Share the content of others across LinkedInGoogle+Facebook and elsewhere
  • Interview members of your community and feature them on your blog or other publications
  • Invite members of your network to be guests on your Twitter chat, Google+ Hangout, etc.

Try your best to perform one of these favors once a day, or a few times a week, to provide unparalleled value to your network of contacts. It’s an effective way of nurturing your relationships with existing contacts and a way of building an ongoing rapport with new professional connections.

By Ian Hoigman

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