Why Produce Traffic On Your Social Sites



It’s like oxygen.

With it, you flourish.

You make sales, build relationships and find the people who can make your business grow.

But without it, your business withers and dies.

I’ve seen it happen over and over.

People who worried endlessly about the look of their website or their product being perfect, but never worked on getting traffic.

Or, people who had traffic, but thought it would keep flowing forever.

And then one day — poof — it dried up.

Just… stopped.

For some it was a Google update that did it.

For others, they were complacent and a competitor’s website “ate their lunch.”

They were caught high and dry — without a strategy to replace that traffic.

So their businesses crashed around them.


Don Crowther

Need Help Social Networking and Emailing, Contact Michael J. Haase at 406-890-0812 or elloFlatheadValley@gmail.com


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