SEO Shortcuts: There Are No Silver Bullets

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Much like socialites changing the “it” bag of the season, the industry has in the past been frenetic in its pursuit of the hottest new tool or tactic that does everything in a couple of easy steps.

Unfortunately, tempting as it may sound, there are just no SEO shortcuts that work long-term. There’s no replacement for good old strategic thinking and hard work.

Certainly tools have their place and there are great ones out there, but we need to treat them just as supplemental add-ons for efficiency and not the sole basis of our efforts.

Additionally, every time a new SEO tactic is recommended, even the most well-meaning among us can overuse them to the point of devaluing them for the entire industry. Case in point: infographics and guest blogging, which often became the only tactics used and resulted in a market flooded with infographics and many relying heavily on guest blogging and then despairing when these tactics lost effectiveness.

Devise a strategy that adds value and then ensure you have a diverse array of tactics in your strategic plan, so no one tactic can ever becomes overly relied upon.

As long as you provide information that people will relate to and enjoy, then you can even put out an infographic or a guest post and still have them be successful, no matter what Google may claim.

By Puma Virji

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