Blog Post Content: It’s All About Quality

Let’s stop cluttering the Internet with average quality content. The amount of content being published every day has reached record levels, but unfortunately quality hasn’t increased at the same rate.

The web doesn’t need the one millionth article on painting a house or traveling to Spain. We need to ensure we put in the effort to publish content that really stands out and that merits its own place on the web. Otherwise it’s just a waste of resources.

Re-evaluate your content calendars. If you’re dividing articles into part 1 and part 2 just so you have something to post on your blog to hit the one-post-a-day metric then you’re not being helpful or providing value. Look instead to reduce the frequency of blogging but instead focus on getting out something high-quality every time.

Even just one stellar blog post a month could make a huge impact to your bottom line – so if that is all you can manage then it’s just fine. It’s better that every piece of content you post is valuable and well-received by your audience than posting often and having your content be ignored.

Try it. Your results will improve drastically and you’ll have resources freed up to work on other business initiative.

By Purna Virji

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