Bigfork Town Hall Meeting – Flathead Lake Lodge


Wednesday, May 28
Flathead Lake Lodge
Members of “Team Bigfork” gave a presentation at the BCPA Theater on April 29th. Speakers included the Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork (CFBB), the Bigfork Area Chamber of Commerce, the Bigfork Promotion Group (BPG), the Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival, the Center for the Performing Arts, VFW’s Rumble in the Bay Car Show, and Joyce Billmayer and Margie Solberg.Another “Town Hall” discussion will be held at Flathead Lake Lodge to continue the discussion of “Organizing Our Village For the Future” on Wednesday, May 29th at 5pm.

Possible topics include: Parking; Lake Access for Public Use; Bigfork Ring Bike Path; Improving Children’s Areas and more.

Flathead Lake Lodge will provide complimentary appetizers and beverages. To suggest topics to discuss and to RSVP, please email: or call 837-5888.


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