Why You Need To Be On Google Plus: SEO Ranking

Everything that happens on Google+ ends up in Google searches. Considering the incredibly important value of search engine optimization (SEO) rankings, that’s a pretty powerful component of Google+ that competing social media platforms can’t come close to touching. In the past few months, studies from Moz and others have shown that Google +1s are now the second most important factor in increasing your SEO rank, behind only Page Authority. That means that if your business shares an article on Google+ and it receives a high number of shares, +1s and comments, odds are great that it will appear as one of the top results when people are searching for relevant and related topics. This reason alone is why more and more businesses are making the move to Google+. Here is a recent study we conducted on what causes social signals to flow from Google+ to a page and how this helps organically create links. We can also show how you can prove return on investment (ROI) from Google+. And if speed is a factor, rest easy – any links added to your Google+ are indexed in Google searches in less than seven seconds.

If your business has a Google+ page (which it should, as you are probably becoming aware as you read), every photo, video, blog post, article, maps location, event page, special offer, reviews, post, and even joined Google+ Communities, all display on the Google.com search results page. A Google+ business page gives you a huge block of information on the right side of the screen as well that users will see upon their search.

Google+ improves your individual SEO as well with Authorship and Author Rank. When you create your personal Google+ profile, any articles or content you create will show up in Google searches with your picture and name displayed within the results. You’ll also get a higher click rate on your content compared to those that don’t have Authorship from a Google+ profile.Here is a handy guide on how Authorship works and what to do to get setup.

Need Help With Google+, Social Networking and Emailing, Contact Michael J. Haase at 406-890-0812 or elloFlatheadValley@gmail.com


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