Google+ Circles





Perhaps one of the best features of Google+ is its hallmark Circles – something Facebook tried to implement shortly thereafter but with less success and ease of functionality. The premise is simple, and more closely reflects how we socialize in real life. Whenever you add somebody to your list of contacts on Google+, you add them into a Circle. The Circles you have are completely up to you – make one for coworkers, one for college buddies, one for immediate family and extended family – the options are limitless. Requiring you to add a contact to Circles ensures that each contact you have is in the right spot.

With Circles, you are in complete control of how you can communicate with people. This is key to the networking aspect of Google+. You can build up a permission-based marketing circle (e.g. – asking people you circle if you can send them information directly about a topic), control how many posts from each individual person or circle you see in your home stream (clearing up your stream to exactly your specifications), and also focus on the people that matter to you most.

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