B2B Marketing with Google+

B2B Marketing with Google+ image shutterstock 129444167

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right social network for your business. Sadly, you can’t make this choice based solely on the popularity of a network, because each social site attracts a different kind of audience. When it comes to marketing, it’s important to know your audience, as well as know how to reach out specifically to them. Pinpointing the right market for your message on social media can be an especially difficult task for B2B companies, as there are few networks where businesses tend to socially connect with one another.

Thankfully, recent trends would suggest that businesses are starting to open up to some of the bigger social networks like Google Plus. Compared to the messaging and sharing limits of Facebook and Twitter, which can appear to be impersonal at most times, businesses are turning to Google+ to take advantage of its features like Google Hangouts and Google Drive, both of which allow professionals and business networks to collaborate with each other easily. With the ability to hold virtual meetings and share projects across one network, every business can streamline their internal communications effortlessly.

Another valuable service that Google Plus offers is the ability to become more visible simply by becoming an active member of the community. Since every profile ranks on their search engine, you can make your business more visible simply by using the social network for its intended purpose. Have you made Google+ a part of your social media marketing strategy? If not, this informative guide will show you how to create an account and become an influential member of the community, which will increase your chances of being found by other businesses. If you’re running a B2B business, there are many paths you can take to achieve success for your brand. By Megan Ritter

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