Don’t Just Preach… Be Visual

People want to be inspired to work with you.  The most efficient way to do that is to share your personal brand and story VISUALLY.

There are 3 elements to consider:


If adventure is a core value, be sure to post photos of your travels or weekend hikes. If family is, post pics of the soccer game, ballet recitals, game night, etc.


Posting photos of things you love to do will definitely attract ideal clients.  You’ll become a magnet for those who share your passions and you can infuse them into your business process!  Passionate about wine?  Your closing gifts become wine you blend during the annual client soiree you host at the local winery your clients own.  Get the idea?


If your purpose is to inspire greatness in others, share uplifting quotes.  If it’s teaching, share posts to educate others. Love connecting people? Post photos of you connecting friends in real life, or post introductions on their timeline where others can see them. By Debra Trappen

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