Facebook Tells Where You Are Located

facebook II

“How did you know I was here?” The answer: It was on your Facebook page.

Facebook is built around sharing. You share thoughts, photos, videos and news, and now you can share your location, too, with Nearby Friends. When turned on, it alerts you when friends are nearby.

 Nearby Friends, available in the Android and Apple Facebook apps, is currently available in select areas. To check if you have it, open your Facebook app, tap the icon with the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner for Android users – it’s on the lower right for Apple fans – select Nearby Friends and finally, Turn On.

From here you can choose who can see your location (Note: Some versions require you to click the gear icon in the upper-right corner). By default, it’s set to Friends, and thankfully you can’t set it to Everyone. You can, however, choose a list of friends, like Family or a custom list you’ve created. Click here to learn how to create custom lists of friends and family.

You can share your location temporarily with someone. In Nearby Friends, find a friend on the list and tap the arrow icon next to his or her name. Select how long you’d like to share your location. By Kim Komando

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