About MyCMS

The elloAgency has been researching the effect of the Internet on business marketing since 1996. The MyCMS philosophy and service are the product of that research.

MyCMS is short for Custom Consumer Management System which is a process of combining four unique online marketing campaigns and a simple tracking system to create connections, harvest leads, develop prospects, and capture new business in a proactive manner.

Please don’t get confused here, the purpose of the MyCMS Network is designed to drive more traffic to your company website, not replace it. Furthermore, getting favorable results from an Internet campaign is not about content or money, it is all about Connections and Follow Up.

Our goal is to teach you how to build your own online MyCMS Network, how to maximize your connects, and how to harvest leads, develop prospects and capturing new business consumers without spending one dime on Internet services. Click Here to see an Active MyCMS Network Sample.

The message here is simple: To produce sales from the Internet requires a proactive system producing connections and leads before you spend any money on marketing services designed to enhance your traffic. If you do not have a CMS in place, the money spent attracting attention to your website will be wasted. Once your system is proven to produce leads, then social media enhancements, search engine optimization, directory upgrades, email lists, and pay-per-click services may be something to consider.

There are two ways to build a MyCMS Network for your company:

  • You can follow the example above and do it yourself
  • You can ask your elloAgency Consultant to do it for you.

If you decide to do it yourself, the first step is to create a separate Google email account for your MyCMS Network. Next you will need to post your business profile on the 25 marketing sites and separate them into four target marketing campaigns.

Feel free, during the process, to Contact Your elloAgency Consultant with questions about how to set up, monitor, and manage your MyCMS Network. The consulting is a complimentary service and there is no obligation to buy.


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