Content In Your Website

When it comes to the content you are putting out there, the most important place to position optimized content is your website. Your website content needs to be powered with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to fully leverage it  as a marketing tool and funnel for new clients. The content of your website should be designed to attract, convert and close customers. It is your single, most important sales tool. Your website can convert leads into new business.

However, if your website is not SEO optimized, how will anyone find you? Searchers are buyers. They are searching, right now to accomplish a task. Will your business pop up as they are searching? If you have effective SEO tactics in place, you stand an excellent chance of getting noticed. It all comes back to the strategy and quality that fuels your content. Remember, search engines crawl content to understand a website’s purpose. Next, they index content based on the perceived purpose of the content. By Marie Alonso

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Pond Skimming (lots of laughs!) @ Whitefish MT Resort

Event Details

WHAT: Pond Skim, 04/11/2015
WHO: Skiers and Teleskiers & Spectators
WHEN: 2:30 pm
WHERE: Chair 3 Area


We end the season with a splash! The most fun event of the year is back again and this year the competition includes those 16 and older! Absolutely hilarious to watch folks Ski or Snowboard over a custom built pond (costume mandatory) for a chance at a $1250 Cash Purse.

This event always sells out for competitors, and we have had upwards of 2000 spectators. Come and end the season with the best end of season throw down around!!!


Click HERE to pre-register online
(Online Registration will close at 12PM 4/10/14)

Maximum 60 Skimmers. You MUST wear a costume or your entry will be refunded and we will take someone from the waiting list.

Day of registration will be available at the Pond Skim Venue, only if space remains.

Day of entries will be chosen based on best costume – at 1:30pm sharp.

Even if you pre-register, you must check in at 1:30pm at the bottom of Chair 3 on the day of the event to claim your t-shirt and bag of swag!

Pre-registration Price – $30. T-SHIRT INCLUDED. Size guaranteed if you register by March 25th.*

Day of Registration Price – $40, and you may get a XXS pink shirt, so why don’t you preregister? **Cash or check only with the exact amount present.

(*additional fees from may be included in the cost)


1:45pm all participants at start

2:00pm competitors speech

2:30pm Start

Awards 30 minutes after final skim

Event Format and Rules
Round #1– everyone will try to skim across the pond. Those who make it across will advance to the next round.
Round #2– remaining skimmers go over a ‘small’ jump before entering the pond. Yes, it will be smaller than in 2013 (see video below). Those who make it across the pond after the obstacle will advance to the next round.
Round #3– remaining skimmers will enter the pond switch! Farthest skimmer is the winner.

(historically snowboarders have won 3x, skiers 5x)

-Participants must have skis or snowboards appropriately worn (normally mounted).
-Costumes are required and will be judged in a category by itself.
-Skimmers must start in the order determined by the starter.
-The Pond Skim is open to all competitors 16yrs and older.
-All drinks must be in a plastic container (no glass, or bottles, or blatant-over-the-top-drinking).
-No one visibly drunk will be allowed to participate.

Categories and Awards
$300 – Pond Skim Ski Winner (Male or Female)
$300 – Pond SkimSnowboard Winner (Male or Female)
$200 – Pond Skim 2nd Place(Opposite gender of above winners – Ski or Board)
$200 – Best Costume
$100 – Best Crash
$100 – Best Skimmer Under 21
$50 – Best Skimmer Using Alternative Gear (Mono ski, cross country skis, ski blades, etc. NO SLEDS!!!)

To be held at the pond 30 minutes after last skim, at the pond.

Event Phone Number: (406) 862.2910

Provide Ample Visual Content

Visual content is streaming big in online marketing strategies today. People want to see people, places and things. They want visual engagement. They trust visual engagement. If your 2015 content strategy is devoid of videos and unique visual elements, rethink it. Incorporating visual content is extremely important, especially when trying to engage mobile viewers.

Get creative with infographics, memes, charts, graphs and even cartoons to tell your brand’s story and win over brand loyalists — especially on your social media platforms. Don’t have a Pinterest yet? Stop neglecting the opportunities visual content will create for your online marketing endeavors. Odds are, your competitors are moving in a visual content direction. Don’t be outdone or outdated. By Marie Alonso

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is an essential component in buyer engagement, social media, lead generation and online marketing. In fact, the power your content carries is growing by the day as new tactics and trends propel content development to new heights in brand publishing.

Blogging is not enough. Social media is not enough. There is a methodology that makes up smart content creation and it focuses on attracting, converting and inspiring your target audience — your clients and potential clients. Content needs to engage, inform and delight in order to build market identity, brand ambassadors and new opportunities for business growth and development. By Marie Alonso

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How Pinterest Is Becoming the Next Big Thing in Social Media for Business

Move over Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Another social media site is stepping up as a valuable marketing tool for businesses.

Pinterest, an online bulletin board for your favorite images, launched in 2010 and is already experiencing wild growth. The site registered more than 7 million unique visitors in December, up from 1.6 million in September. And it’s driving more traffic to company websites and blogs than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined, according to a recent report from Cambridge, Mass.-based content-sharing site Shareaholic.

Why should small businesses care? To answer that, you first have to understand how consumers are using the site. Pinterest allows you to organize images — maybe pretty sunrises or wines you’ve tasted — into boards for specific categories. When you “pin” something new, your followers will see it. They can like, comment or re-pin it to their boards. Like Facebook content, your Pinterest pins can go viral.

Brides-to-be can pin pictures of different wedding dresses to review, and people shopping for a new car can pin images of their options. When I joined Pinterest I started a board to show the Major League Baseball stadiums I’ve visited. The possibilities are unlimited.

Here’s a look at why some business owners — particularly retailers — might want to seriously consider starting a business profile on Pinterest now.

How It’s Being Used
Perhaps the most powerful business application is the ability to post images of your company’s products on your Pinterest board and link them back to your website. It works as a sort of virtual store catalog.

But remember that this is social media. If you simply display images of your products without contributing other content or sharing other users’ pins, you’ll likely find that people don’t pay much attention. After all, no one likes a self-absorbed blowhard.

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But savvy social media users know not to get too promotional. For example, Whole Foods Market pins pictures of delicious-looking food, food art and images of recycled or reused products to inspire customers to be environmentally responsible. Daniel Gordon, who runs Samuel Gordon Jewelers in Oklahoma City, pins pictures of his rings and watches, but he also has a board for images that make him laugh and other types of products he loves.

Driving Sales
Pinterest already is driving buyers to some websites. In the last six months, the retail deal site has seen a 446 percent increase in web traffic from Pinterest and sales resulting from those visits have increased five-fold.

“We continue the Pinterest conversation with [the] members by following their pins, and we love to give feedback outside of the shopping category — whether that means commenting on a great recipe or [giving] a heart next to our favorite pet pics,” says social media manager Sarah Conley. “We also see Pinterest as a growing resource to better understand our members and the larger retail landscape.”

Is Pinterest Right for Your Business?
The site does have some drawbacks for businesses. If your product or service isn’t particularly visual, your images may not tie directly back to your brand. Pinterest also doesn’t offer business-oriented features, and its search function prioritizes pin and board subjects ahead of “people,” the category that brands would fall into.

The best way to determine if Pinterest could attract buyers is simply to give it a shot. Set up an account and start pinning things that are relevant to your business but not too promotional.

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If you run a lawn-care center, for instance, pin pictures of landscaping you find online or snap in your community. If you’re a brick-and-mortar store, pin shots of the interesting sites and people around your neighborhood and photos you take at community events. You also can search through Pinterest’s categories and add some inspirational, funny or beautiful images you find.

Then, follow interesting boards and individuals who post images that inspire you. Once you’ve done some pinning of other people’s content for a week or so and attracted a few followers, create a new board of your products. Add descriptions and perhaps the price to the images. Make sure they link back to your website and start tracking as a referral source in your website analytics.

Next, try creating an image of a special deal or coupon just for your Pinterest followers. Upload it to a new board for Deals. Perhaps offer a prize to the person who gets the most likes or comments on a re-pin of the coupon, and then see who shares it the most. Don’t fret about creating multiple boards. People who follow you will see them all.

In a month or two, see if you’re getting referral traffic or sales. Depending on the results, you may need to tweak your boards with new images and words.

One thing is clear whether you’re on Pinterest for personal or business reasons: the best images — be they funny, beautiful or thought provoking — attract the most attention and followers.
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